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Solution LED street light decay

To solve these problems existing in LED street light, street vendors advice from basic materials to solve the problems of high power LED heat source from the root from the inside. For example in the light emitting component and aluminum substrate bonding, thermal conductivity glue will play a key role, some manufacturers think better thermal conductivity of thermal conductive adhesive film or thermal pad, film thickness to the thicker the better, but not want to resistance. Thermal conductivity is good, the film thickness of the thermal resistance is also useless. Moreover, the thermal conductivity of the film or soft conductive gasket, and can not really close to the substrate, there are many pores in the bonding surface. These pores are viewed under an electron microscope, as if they were empty cavitation, or another form of thermal resistance. In the presence of so many interference heat conduction, the efficiency of heat conduction is reduced.

To use the heat conductive glue, the recommended soft ceramic conductive adhesive. Soft ceramic thermal plastic screen printing construction is different from the traditional attaching type thermal conductive adhesive film, porcelain clay adhesive is soft semi liquid, in the screen printing machine scraper coating on aluminum substrate, conductive particles will penetrate the surface of the substrate to fill the pore and to the full. In this way, it will form a completely flat surface without pores, which will be completely bonded with the LED plate. Thus the thermal resistance is reduced to the lowest level, the heat can quickly be transmitted, naturally reduces the LED grain temperature, prolonging life and epitaxy greatly delayed the decay. In addition, due to the soft thermal ceramic paint printing construction has the ductility, the high temperature baking or reflow soldering, will change along with the aluminum substrate thermal expansion stress is very small, will not cause the aluminum plate bending, but will not burst in.

Solution LED street light decay

LED lamps and lanterns in the external protection recommended the use of LED lamps and soft ceramic heat dissipation paint. The spray type soft ceramic heat dissipation paint can be directly sprayed on the exterior of the LED lamp, and the operation is simple and convenient, and the utility model can be suitable for various shapes of radiating structures, and can also be adjusted into different colors. Spray cooling soft ceramic particles in the paint, after the nano processing, fine particles is not only easy to spray gun, also let the same coating area of conductive particles and more dense, so that the temperature of evaporation through scattered area also increased, so that the heat energy of LED lamp rapid conduction out. Soft ceramic heat sink is a thermosetting material, in line with the RoHS environmental safety standards, the construction process is simple and does not require any special equipment, after baking heat, can withstand high temperatures for a long time, there will be no qualitative change LED.

In outdoor use LED street lamp, landscape lamp, or LED advertising billboards, will also face exposed to wind and rain and acid rain bird droppings, air dust, smoke emission and hELlip; pH violation. So this kind of spray soft ceramic heat dissipation paint must have the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, the current pH value of PH3~11, can effectively protect the appearance of outdoor lighting LED is not eroded. With the development of packaging technology, carrier plate design and heat dissipation module structure, the cost structure of LED lamp has been improved, and the cost has been decreased with the development of technology and market demand. However, the investment in the improvement of the material manufacturers are not many, which is mainly related to the course of business development and habits associated with Taiwan. Taiwan manufacturers longer than the design and fabrication process, based on research in material less ink. So in the solution of technical problems or reduce costs and other issues, more inclined to procurement thinking or health management thinking. However, the United States and Japan manufacturers in the first point, will consider from the application of materials, from the perspective of innovation to reduce costs, improve quality and increase profits.

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