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Lighting design case

The cube is built into a circular hall, a typical feature of the original building in the new building to be re interpreted. The main body of the two buildings from the outside to the inside are carried out the theme: the celebration of the center of the cylindrical enclosed space for the audience hall, the outer side of the opening of the front hall, the audience will be surrounded by. Cultural Conference Center, the conference room is a square plane, placed in a circular vestibule. The hall is surrounded by an arcuate outer wall and forms a courtyard on the roof. The construction of new streamlined exterior wall has been extended to the old building body, a cantilever corridor will be two buildings together.

Germany Worms culture and Conference Center

The building can be adapted to various forms of performance, and can be used as a whole or divided into small units: the new hall can accommodate 800 people of various functions (lighting), can be freely separated. In addition, the building is also equipped with a lobby, catering facilities, exhibition space and flexible meeting space.

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