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Meeting room meeting various lighting requirements

The supply area and underground parking garage of the whole cultural convention center are set up in the hotel which is connected with it. The use of advanced technology of modern lighting lighting design, lighting Worms cultural convention center to rebuilt the solemn atmosphere, and in the interior design and the building was built in 1960 to retain celebration center to establish contact face.

Worms culture and Convention Centre

The outer wall adopts a cylindrical wall washing lamp with the arc shape of the elevation, so that the building looks like a uniform luminous body block. Front office, cafe and corridor with a large area of circular lighting. The inner wall of the central hall is highlighted by a wall lamp with adjustable brightness. Located in the vicinity of the lobby area and the corridor is the use of spotlights. The circular diffused light source and the simple wall lamp are decorated on the wall. The ceiling of the conference hall lighting using strip lighting is composed of squares, flexible installation of a set of four spotlights in its net shaft, two of which are strong light metal halide lamp, the other two are adjustable halogen downlight, adjustable light angle. After careful design of the designer, the meeting hall can meet the lighting needs of various occasions, and looks very simple, comfortable.

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