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Bright and spacious! Qingdao Grand Theater lighting engineering appreciation

The streamlined roof, the coherent architectural shape and the relationship with the surrounding landscape create a creative tension, which is the Qingdao grand theatre. In the lighting design, through the understanding of the natural light, and at the same time refer to the natural light in the change of color, intensity and direction, in the design of reasonable use of sunlight and artificial light two kinds of light source.

Qingdao Grand Theater lighting engineering appreciation

The entrance and lobby of the opera house bright and spacious hall with a linear ceiling structure of the design theme, like an invitation to visitors into the window. The linear structure is mounted on the ceiling, and the LED lamp is hidden behind the smooth glass. This design to achieve uniform lighting effect, therefore, in the selection of LED lamps, to ensure that the unity of its light and warm white light requirements. Echoing with the linear light, a high quality lighting scheme is designed for the hall with a spotlight and a transparent glass cylinder. In order to obtain a directional light source from a high ceiling, a compact fluorescent lamp is provided with a narrow beam reflector, which is wrapped by a glass cylinder part. With this basic lighting, back lighting to illuminate the groove and the characteristics of these lights, placed in the main screen wall, cloakroom and equipment. The edge mounted LED illuminates the glass plane system, complements the bar and restaurant area light and forms the highlights of the space.

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