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Lighting design of Qingdao Grand Theatre

The main feature of the building with a curved ceiling is the undulating wall. By emphasizing the individual parts of the wall pattern, the curves are endowed with a three-dimensional sense. To this end, the prominent part of the selection of embedded linear lamps. In addition to LED, we also tried the traditional linear fluorescent lamp. Finally, it is found that the effect of the traditional linear fluorescent lamp is the best.

The background lights required for the hall are produced by high performance halogen spotlights hidden in the ceiling, which are grouped into 4 areas. A narrow beam of light and a reflector arranged in all directions evenly scatter light in the hall. In the stage area, the front row of spotlights illuminates the back wall of the platform area.

Qingdao Grand Theatre

For the sake of design, the festival hall and the concert hall are in sharp contrast. Strong colors and bright festive lights occupy a dominant position. Although the theory is to adjust the hall of light, or the use of glass cylindrical lighting theme. The main feature of this design is that the ceiling is equipped with oval chandeliers, similar to the form of a combination of stars. An important determinant for internal visual impression, the vertical surface of the lighting design is also one of the basic characteristics of the design of lighting design in the theater.

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