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Qingdao Grand Theater multifunctional hall lighting effect appreciation

Multi function hall with 16 separate sets of optional lights. Each group has 4 lights. Including two HIT metal halide lamps, each lamp can be gradually adjusted, 70W, to provide a high level of background illumination, or using a narrow beam halogen spotlight independent control or narrow angle halogen spotlight by light source and different radiation angles to light independent regions and adjustable brightness.

Qingdao Grand Theatre

The lighting of the stairwell and the personnel flow area is mainly composed of a ceiling embedded lamp with a transparent ring and a transparent column type lamp with independent suspension.

The development of health facilities scheme combines the roof contour lighting and lamp. The subtle outline of the lamp gives off a soft light that gives a bright light to the face and body. The bathroom compartment walls are made of white opaque glass. Each uses a centrally placed spotlight to create a soft lighting effect while creating a pleasant atmosphere.

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