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Glass wheel! Lighting design of Chongqing Grand Theater (Part one)

Chongqing Grand Theatre as a glass ship, and like a huge rock, its impressive city skyline, and sculptural form, constitute a new landmark of the city, an international cultural exchange center. Chongqing Grand Theatre, a total construction area of about 100 thousand m2, a total of 7 on the ground floor, underground 2 rooms, equipped with different functional areas, such as theater and theater entrance and lobby, rehearsal hall, VIP room, exhibition area, office space, conference etc..

Chongqing Grand Theatre

Area of about 32000 m2 of the facade of the building with a layer of glass, the inner layer is white, the outer layer is light green, and there is a certain gap between the two. In the day of building architects hope very visual effect at the same time, in the evening and night shows inferior to daytime scenery and iconic, but transparent glass facade without any treatment, at night the indoor clutter light will come through,

And with the advent of night more obvious. Lighting designers in order to hide the interior of the light, so that the building in the evening showing a glowing crystal like effect, in the space between the rows of its interior, integrated into more than 11000m of white LED lamps. Emphasize the effect of building a dramatic appearance with backlighting, make the building seemingly attractive bright crystal, and become the gazebo popular landscape.

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