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Glass wheel! Chongqing Grand Theater lighting design appreciation (two)

The Grand Theatre and the theatre adopt a completely different design concept. Grand Theater can accommodate nearly 2000 people, the traditional horseshoe shaped, divided into upper and lower layers of two. A large chandelier lighting concept here by one of the main lighting elements to the performance of one of the central government, many lighting device length of a cylindrical glass material arranged in the ceiling system along the arc performance, once started, all crystal chandelier will indent the ceiling, so as not to interfere with the stage lighting, wood cladding wall overlapping stressed by indirect light, necessary to stage the required illumination were integrated into the top of the acoustic fan. In the theater can meet 900 spectators, the interior design is to speak another language a modern, metal, calm. Lighting design need to cooperate with the beam stressed metal plate on the wall, the integration between curved metal ceiling light projection system, create a dense and shining light into this space, the stage must be integrated into the light again on the top of the acoustic fan. The lighting system in the two theaters can be controlled and adjusted respectively.

Chongqing Grand Theatre

The lighting of the building itself is the protagonist of the platform square. Lighting designers in this regard should be given as much as possible to abandon the application of vertical elements, to avoid the conflict with the lighting effect of the building itself and other adverse effects on the square. Therefore, only the installation of the ground with the level of independent points, in order to divide the platform and the rhythm of the building echoes.

The lighting design has given the Grand Theater a glowing image in front of the magnificent skyline, a nearly dramatic picture of a theater building like a sailboat sailing into a sea of light.

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