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New classical architecture Cassell new art museum lighting engineering (two)

The fluorescent lamp is mounted on a diffuse layer facing the room, creating a uniform spatial illumination with the power of an efficient reflector. A lighting control system integrated into the central building services control system can regulate the amount of daylight and adjust the amount of light to a desired level. In order to highlight the individual exhibits in the scene, the embedded electrical track which can adjust the projection lamp has been integrated into the bright ceiling. There is no natural light in the center of the exhibition on the first floor. A unique feature of the space is the historic dome ceiling. The projection lamp arranged on the track is arranged at regular intervals to provide illumination for the support of each cylindrical arch between the circular arches. They diffuse light into space.

Cassell New Art Museum

In the exhibition Josef Beuys all the art works of the reception room as well as the back by Ulrik Gross (Ulrike)

Beuys (Grossarth) for the Josef room in the literature creation hall, there is no original vault. Nevertheless, in order to establish a connection with the Josef Beuys room, people have installed a rectangular, with a vaulted cavity hanging ceiling. They are derived from indirect light from the light outlet. In addition, the electrical track of the projection lamp can also be used to provide selective focus lighting.

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