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Contactless power supply technology based on electromagnetic induction principle

The characteristics of the contactless power supply technology is that the power supply end and the power end need not be connected by any physical connection, and the electric energy can be transmitted to the electric power end. The application of electromagnetic wave in the range of millimeter to centimeter range has been applied. Such as electric vehicles, deep water operations, robots, mining machinery, electric toothbrushes, mobile phones and laptops and other mobile devices, and even implanted in the body of electronic medical devices also use this technology power supply, charging. Therefore, the non-contact power supply technology has wide application prospect.

Contactless power supply technology based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, comprehensive utilization of power electronic technology, magnetic coupling technology, high power and high frequency conversion technology, using the modern control theory and method, realize the transmission of electric power system and electric equipment isolation, make direct contact with no electricity between the two, very good to meet the needs of the special application the situation, improve the safety and reliability of the electric power transmission. Therefore, the contactless power supply technology is a safe, reliable and flexible access technology.

Basic principle

The contactless power supply system comprises two parts: an electric energy transmitting unit and an electric energy receiving unit. The power transmission unit is mainly composed of AC and DC power supply circuit, power amplifier output circuit, drive circuit, oscillation circuit, voltage reference circuit, control circuit and transmitter coil L1 (transformer); power receiving unit includes a receiving coil L2 (transformer), high-frequency rectifier filter circuit and a load (as shown in Figure 1 shown).

Fig. 1 Structure of non contact power supply system

Contactless power supply system when the input end of the AC power by full bridge rectifier circuit is converted into DC, DC side or directly to the power supply system, DC power through the oscillation circuit of inverter converts high-frequency alternating current through the power amplifier output circuit supply transmitting coil L1. The L1 output current of the receiving coil L2 is converted into direct current to be supplied to the load by the L2 of the transmitting coil and the receiving coil.

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