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Characteristics and defects of contactless power supply technology

Based on the principle of electromagnetic induction non-contact power supply technology, the transmitter coil and the receiving coil must have the same resonant frequency resonance, in order to transmit power, and has the following main characteristics and defects:

The power of a magnetic resonance electromagnetic magnetic power mode to realize the transmission of electric energy, but also is an open system, there must be a loss, electromagnetic radiation and energy so that the actual efficiency of close distance is less than 80%, the state, the efficiency may be low. Therefore, do not meet the concept of energy saving.

The relationship between the electromagnetic energy and the distance is inversely proportional to the electric field intensity and the two side of the distance, and the magnetic field intensity is inversely proportional to the distance of the four. Simple electromagnetic resonance is impossible for long distance transmission. Usually at 1 meters, the efficiency is not more than l%. Therefore, can only be used in close range, generally not more than 10 cm.

Electromagnetic resonance can penetrate nonmetal, but cannot penetrate metal. Using this feature, can produce real-time or instant charging power supply of the electric appliances, it has outstanding performance in mobility, waterproof and isolation, etc., can also be used this feature to solve the problem of electromagnetic interference of its own. The choice of an appropriate power supply system to produce the resonance frequency, the frequency of electromagnetic wave is energy transmitter for normal communication, broadcast without interference or interference, on the human body or other biological harm, to comply with the safety index.

In the near distance electromagnetic resonance several centimeters within, there is no vibrating pressure problem: voltage and no-load receiving circuit in the load when the disparity, is often several times or even more than ten times, resulting in the receiving circuit in the no-load voltage, due to the increased load, will burn the circuit. It is an important factor that the contactless power supply technology is difficult to be applied.

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