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Advantages and disadvantages of LED used in street lamp

Advantage lies in:

First, LED as a point light source, if the design is reasonable, to a large extent, can directly solve the traditional spherical light source must rely on light emission to solve the two light and light loss problem;

Second, the uniformity of the surface of the light can be controlled, in theory, it can be completely uniform in the target area, which can also avoid the traditional light source light under the light of the phenomenon of waste;

Third, color temperature can be selected, so in the application of different occasions, but also to improve efficiency, reduce costs, an important way;

Fourth, technological progress is still very large space.

Disadvantages (factors affecting the popularization and application of street lamp):

The current price is too high, the luminous flux is low, 4 times the current price of the same illumination LED light source design is roughly equivalent to the traditional light source (but in lighting products, the light source part of the total cost is not high, so the cost of installation in raising the proportion is not too high, the application of the space is relatively large). It is difficult to bear for civil use. The current design and manufacturing standards are confusing, high damage ratio, affecting the life of the LED.

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