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Brandhorst museum lighting design appreciation (three)

In the night or cloudy, hidden in the ceiling above the interlayer of the fluorescent lamp can be used as supplementary lighting. The skylight and the fluorescent lamp are controlled by the lighting control system, so that the indoor illuminance has been maintained at a relatively stable level. The designer will refract the zenith of the natural light and sunlight into the side window by installing the light refracting panel at a certain angle to the outside of the window. The materials of these reflectors are acrylic acid having a prismatic effect, and are sealed by double glazing to resist any weather factor. They are installed at the outer side of the window at a specific angle to maximize the introduction of natural light.

Brandhorst Museum

In the ground floor of the space, natural light from the side and the skylight into a piece of semi transparent sheet of the ceiling, the thin plate can gently spread the light. Although the incident light is not completely uniform, the ceilings made up of these sheets have a good effect, which makes the display space as uniform as the light.

During the day, visitors to the Brandhorst museum will be infected by the natural light of the uniform and quiet atmosphere, connecting the outdoor and indoor space channel is also carefully designed. When the night is coming, the delicate artificial light environment continues to maintain the indoor atmosphere, and with the same high quality light to give these space to life.

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