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An artistic hall with distinct personality and complete functions, Guangzhou Opera House (three)

The auditorium is another very complex, but also the most important indoor space. In the audience, in addition to the ground, the other part is a full of ups and downs of complex curved surface. In order to present the perfect surface and meet the functional requirements, the lighting scheme creatively uses the points to represent the surface. On the top of the surface of the dense distribution of thousands of small holes, holes in the installation of a single LED light source lamps, so that light emitted from the hole to the ground. From the visual point of view, the intensity of the light emitting aperture changes with the fluctuation of the surface.

Guangzhou Opera House (three)

Guangzhou opera house contains a large number of indoor space, limited space, here only select two spaces for a brief introduction. In fact, every space architectural design can be called first-class, lighting design is also remarkable.

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