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New York hurricane Club lighting design (two)

The first of the six kinds of customer experience is the "hurricane house", which puts visitors in a concept inspired by the colonial ancestors. A crystal chandelier with a layer of gold chain adorns the central bar and adds a touch of sparkle. In order to design a hurricane effect, a large number of chandeliers "around the room, to create a dramatic effect of" dynamic, Focus Lighting's chief designer and founder Gregory Paul (Paul Gregory) said. The eye of the storm is represented by a crystal chandelier in the core, and the surrounding chain represents the movement and rotation associated with natural phenomena. The room is dotted with small crystal pendants continue to interpret the theme.

New York hurricane Club

The surrounding lounge offers a much warmer atmosphere, and each lounge adds a unique twist to the central theme. The lounge in the saltwater lake presents a quieter environment, with interesting proportions and unexpected chandeliers decorated with shells. With a large fireplace as candidate features, which was covered with white coral mantel and two glass casting hanging pieces, decorative hanging incandescent lamp filament on the exposed parts and a height of 10 feet three barnacle chandelier. The low pressure xenon lamp highlights the two sides of the mirror at both ends of the room. Ambient light comes from the glass chandelier, while the 75W MR16 with the frame of the projection lamp with a pattern of lights to increase the atmosphere.

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