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The night scene lighting in the night of New York - the lights are talking

As everyone knows: United States of America is a multi ethnic country gathered, while New York is known as the "melting pot" of many races, live here from Britain, France, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Chinese, Russian and African immigrants. This time, we conducted a field investigation on the lighting conditions in New York, Manhattan, and wrote a report on the investigation. But in retrospect, there seems to be no more than a foreigner or tourist position. After repeated investigation, we recognize that the city lighting not only to build on the basis of the theory of pure economy and security, but also understand the connotation of a city lighting. This requires us to understand the values and cultural background of the people living in the city. To this end, in this visit to New York, we interviewed a number of people living in the city.

In Japan, there is a "Edo" this term, referring to the three generation of people living in Tokyo. The Tokyo people, the name, the scope is much broader, all born in Tokyo or long-term life in Tokyo can be such a title. However, whether it is Edo or Tokyo people, in the final analysis are japanese. This "new Yorker" and it has a different nature, is called the "new Yorker", and race, birth and growth are nothing. No matter who, even if only in New York for the first half of the year, it can be called "new yorkers". To be a new Yorker is to live in New York and love the city.

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