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The night scene in New York is always so fascinating

On the day we arrived in New York, I was introduced to a new Yorker by an American friend who had lived in New York for 10 years as a japanese. He did the fashion business during the day, night back across the Hudson River in New Jersey, Hoboken home. Every day after work out of the subway station, as long as, turn back, the lights of Manhattan will be in his tired eyes flashing.

The right side is the battery park and the New York city landmarks - the world trade center, is in the middle of the The Empire State Building and adjacent to the George Washington Bridge, light building distributed between them in countless.

"No matter what troubles, a night of the night will see the courage to multiply, in! A cup of mortar to cheer yourself: try tomorrow! "That's what the interviewee says.

The beautiful night scene should be attributed to the ingenious design of the lighting, but the respondents on the night can boost the spirit of this conversation is deeply in our memory. Whether it's Japanese, Korean, American, or Puerto ricans, perhaps the night scene in Manhattan gives them the courage and strength to live tomorrow.

The night view of Manhattan, which is seen from the view of the night, is a process of encouraging a person to face up to his own self during the day by a Hudson river.

In this sense, the night scene of Manhattan transcends the boundaries of race, nationality and language.

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