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Lighting and social order in New York

When taking a taxi in Manhattan, you will find a thick synthetic resin partition between the driver's seat and the passenger seat. Although there is a similar partition in the London taxi, but it is to respect the privacy of the passengers and set up, and that the transparent glass plate can be left or right to slide is proof. But Manhattan's taxi, coupled with a thick layer of metal mesh on the thick partition, which is clearly not only to respect the privacy of passengers to install it.

Until a few years ago, New York has an inglorious record: the top ten cities in the United States, the highest crime rate. One of the vicious cases of taxi drivers also accounted for a large proportion.

In order to strengthen social security, reduce crime, the authorities invested enormous human and material resources in city public lighting, trying to strengthen and improve the construction of New York lighting system, wash off those dirty marks. However, it has been proved that it is not effective to rely on public lighting to prevent crime.

We also went to Times Square, it is located in Manhattan at the intersection of Broadway and 7 diagonally to the boulevard. Although this is known as the square, but not the kind of pedestrian stroll place, but a place surrounded by skyscrapers, to ease traffic space.

The night is still crowded Times Square, Broadway theatre may not finish, pedestrians on the street from time to time be drunk rickety. Of course, more people walk is carefree and content. We immediately determined here the illuminance of 100 lux illumination level, vertical illuminance is 100 lux for night outdoor space, the illuminance is quite high. It is such a high intensity actually all from the surrounding neon signs, advertising tower and the lights in the building. Although there are also the placement of cylindrical lights, but if it is removed, will not affect the brightness. Through the electronic control means, can still become dazzling lights.

Here, the lights make people wake up, but also exciting. But the bustling and bright space also makes people more nervous spirit, but will feel a trace of fear. If there is some connection between the light and the social order, the Times Square is exactly the opposite of what it was supposed to be: a high degree of space can sometimes lead to crime.

We interviewed Mr. Bauer Maranz, the famous lighting designer. He is the top figure in the United States lighting designers, New York city lighting is also very insightful.

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