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Improved lighting systems enhance the safety factor of New York

"No relation! Bauer Maranz answered clearly. This is when we asked him whether the brightness of the lighting is related to the crime? This question, he made a negative answer. After that, on the same question, we interviewed people from all walks of life on different occasions, but the conclusions were almost the same. It is true that the crime is not only in the dark corner, bright place will also appear, but also the dark place after the installation of lighting devices instead of causing a record of crime. At night, when a place is illuminated by light, the space adjacent to the site may become darker and the contrast between the light and the dark will become more intense. From this point, we can also imagine why the public roads in the residential areas are illuminated, the perpetrators are easy to attack the pedestrians from the dark.

In this way, it seems that lighting and social security and a little bit of a relationship, but if it is simply understood as a bright place is not easy to produce a crime, it is also very dangerous.

With the progress of science and technology, we have reason to believe that, on the basis of summing up the experience of predecessors, research and development of a variety of sources can make the heart quiet. Sooner or later, the day when the lighting system suppresses crime.

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