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Different styles of lamps highlight the charm of international metropolis

After a few years to visit New York again, feel a lot of change, everywhere is a boom. This seems to have fulfilled Clinton, the president said, "the U.S. economy is good or bad from the beginning of New York". New York is a symbol of the United states.

Now, the city of New York has been replaced by a high-pressure sodium lamp. The efficiency of high pressure sodium lamp mercury lamp for 2 times since 1970, after the advent of a decade, has completely replaced the old source in New York, and the future of other large U.S. city lighting will have a profound impact.

Recently, there has been a small change in the New York area, which is surrounded by the warm orange light, which is located in the downtown area of Manhattan. This is due to the use of the past in the road lighting is not common metal halide lamp. Metal halide lamp luminous efficiency and high pressure sodium lamp is equivalent, but the better color, can be more prominent New York business district image.

Metal halide lamp as a light source for road lighting can be accepted by New York, which may indicate a change in the future of urban lighting in the United states. But this does not mean that the existing night in the orange light into white light. Urban lighting design should be adapted to local conditions.

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