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Actual measurement of spectral radiation

The optical system of the T, which includes the side of T (1s), which includes the spectral irradiance, is shown in figure 1.10. By the prism and light Shan (3 pieces) double beam monochromator wavelength range side t composed of 250? 2500 nm. The incident optical system using diffuse reflection plate (suppressed by barium sulfate), with 450 people shot, two 45. The standard light bulb and the light source of the radiation spectrum are interchangeable with the rotating light source through the rotating diffusion reflection plate. Detection device is using a photomultiplier tube, silicon photodiode and pyroelectric detection device. Output processing using the circuit breaker and the town amplifier for AC measurement. The control of the spectrometer and the replacement of the optical system can be controlled by an external computer.

An optical system of illumination measurement device 1.10 radiation spectrum

The side effect of the standard spectral irradiance standard lamp side of the side of the device is shown in figure 1.11.

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