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Optical receiver and metering electronic circuit

The light receiver (detector) of the light measuring device is selected according to the range of the side wavelength. If necessary, it can be used alternately for multiple detectors.

Usually, in 200 nm) - came into the visible region (about 800nm) using photomultiplier range. When the utility model is used, the utility model has the advantages of good stability and high voltage, which is expected to remain stable when the voltage is applied. In the visible light region (400-1 000 nm) using silicon photodiode, the photomultiplier output compared to small, good stability and optoelectronics. In the near ultraviolet region (800-1600nm, 2500nm) using InGaAs or pyroelectric detector (Pbs). But the pyroelectric detection is not DC measurement.

The utility model uses a current voltage conversion circuit, which is converted into a voltage to reduce the impedance of the signal as far as possible. The voltage loop can also be added as needed. The voltage obtained by the side voltage can be used for DC or AC measurement. DC side is used to measure the function of DC voltage meter. AC side circuit breaker and phase lock amplifier.

When the light is measured, a variety of data can be obtained according to the wavelength. There must be the necessary communication interface for computer control and the necessary computer side program (which can be selected or outsourced).

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