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The making process of the LED punching characters

The making process of the LED punching characters:
1, big word to use the whole of the first plate with machine good hole (according to the size of leds to set the aperture); 2
2, welding solid edge carved word (and the practice of the lacquer that bake word);
3, grinding the corner of the word, don't have a burr;
4, the lacquer that bake treatment;
5, LED lights, have two kinds:
A, one kind is the early previously (material cost is low, but artificial), is to use naked light one connection, good current, then the sealant do waterproof processing, this is relatively easy to A problem;
B, a now in many ways (material cost is high, but less artificial), is now with many manufacturers of each lamp with a rubber sleeve connection made waterproof processing good lamp series, the market has a lot of, this way is easy to maintain, safeguard big dots, too.

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