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The cooling performance of the third method to improve the LED parts

Have we been apart all kinds of products. In chips, LCD panels, configuration of various electronic components and so on many aspect, makes me feel "is really the time" place is cooling measures. Using heat tube, heat sinks, soaking, etc., make easy fever parts release heat, a method that each product has its own characteristics, embodies the design idea of developers. 
Now, there is a material enterprises are trying to add new methods in the cooling measures, the enterprise is to develop the west village contented industry of ceramic materials. The company is ready to promote cooling measures using ceramic circuit board of the high rate of thermal radiation. 
Cooling measures advisers, Thermal Design Laboratory representative director guofeng is the tree says, heat transmission means has "heat transfer", "flow", "heat" three forms, the spread of lattice vibration, movement of free electrons in metal belongs to the "heat transfer", fluid motion belongs to the convection heat transfer, heat transfer through electromagnetic wave is "heat". Nishimura contented industry development approach is the use of infrared radiation from ceramic material for heat dissipation. 
Thermal radiation cooling method has the advantage that the casing airtight and very thin, heat transfer by convection, can release the heat. Some technical personnel know the advantages of long ago, but make full use of the precedent of few and far between. But, according to the west village contented industry is introduced, using thermal radiation heat dissipation of LED lighting products has increased recently. Among them, a Japanese lighting appliance enterprise which has been applied to the large LED lighting appliances such as throw light into all kinds of table lamp and other small products. 
By means of thermal radiation cooling, can improve the efficiency of cooling of cast light, no need to use cooling fan. Do not use the cooling fan can reduce the risk of failure (fan because of a fault occurring causes paralyzed, unable to the risk of heat), and, because without much plate heat sink, so will not dust, leave out the trouble of cleaning. When manufacturing lamp, by means of thermal radiation cooling, light source near the shell slim design is implemented. 
A strong interest in a, whether large products, or small products, nishimura contented industry to provide lighting appliance enterprises of ceramic circuit board are basically the same. Ceramic PCB is 55 mm long x 30 mm wide cross long hexagon, thickness is 6 mm or so, the more chips with screw type LED module is fixed on the circuit board is used. The maximum power can be used for 19 w high power LED module. Large product using multiple screws to fix the LED module in ceramic circuit boards, use a small products. Material with a purity of 99.7% alumina ceramic circuit board, thermal radiation rate of 0.97. Smooth surface, the average roughness of 0.5 microns, the LED module with screw fixed directly on the surface of PCB. 
Compared with the metal circuit board and printed circuit board, ceramic circuit board face obstacles is the cost is high. But, if you can use ceramic PCB generalization can improve the effect of mass production, can to some extent, curbed rising costs. This need to increase production quantity, but so far, a large number of production has not yet developed, reason is the high cost of ceramic PCB enterprise painfully. 
For this kind of situation, the west village contented industry said, using the ceramic board, used to install the LED module of PCB and heat sink cooling parts can reduce the total cost, the future is going to do propaganda was sold on the basis of this cooling costs. The company is so confident, because this company product lighting appliance enterprise in product compared with ceramic PCB and the traditional thermal design of products, and after considering the total cost, without exception, choose the ceramic circuit board. For the total cost of the compression ideas can spread, the author will also pay close attention to in the future. Perhaps, can shape concise LED lighting appliances whether to increase to predict the degree of popularity. 

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