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The building lighting project design should consider what factors?

Along with the rapid economic development, the planning and construction of our city is more and more perfect, in which the building lighting project also flourished, building lighting project for the view is to give the city added a color, make the city beautiful night view, the building under the dim light of night also glitz. Here we introduce you to the building lighting design should consider what factors? 
The first is the environment harmonious and unified, building itself should be considered in the building lighting design and the coordination of lighting effects. According to the different building exterior environment, to choose different lighting design, it can achieve more beautiful lighting effect. 
And then choose the right lighting lamps and lanterns, bringing the most important aspects of the two brightening is the design and the use of lamps and lanterns, different lamps and lanterns can produce different lighting effects, therefore, need to consider from the design, the effect of lamps and lanterns, unified comprehensive decision, in this way can the biggest show best building lighting lighting effect. The choice of lamps and lanterns in addition to the light distribution characteristics, shape, material, dustproof and waterproof level and so on are also necessary to consider factors. 
And building the brightness of the surroundings are also want to consider, in combination with the analysis of the surrounding buildings and the environment as a whole color to design reasonable lighting brightness, brightness is mainly aimed at the main direction of us. Distance directly affect a person for the sharpness of the facade appearance observation, at the same time decided to design high and low intensity of illumination. 
The last is the building itself, brightening the design must first understand the nature of the industry, the building belongs to nature of the service or commercial properties, depending on the industry to use a different design. 
Building lighting engineering as well as using modern control technology for scientific management, a light rate and facilities can not only ensure readiness, economical and practical, also can guarantee to replace the best effect. Problem is more than we say cheng jing optoelectronics, to a certain extent, to maintain the building lighting engineering facilities normal operation and good lighting effect is of great significance. 

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