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Summarize the main new type LED heat dissipation technology

At present LED mainly new cooling technique has the following six. 
1, SynJet instead of fan 
Above is applied to the LED lighting heat dissipation, the general principle of SynJet is a similar vibration membrane element at a certain frequency vibration of air inside the compression chamber, the compressed air from a small high-speed nozzle, form the air into the heat sink, air spring driven heat sink at the same time around the air flow heat can be taken away. According to introducing, the technology used in chip cooling, original LED lighting up, be used to replace large fan. 
Relative to the fan, SynJet heat dissipation module has the following features: 
Power consumption is lower than the fan: SynJet cooling module is the main part of energy consumption is a driver module, vibration membrane, relative to the fan motor parts of the lower power consumption. According to introducing, 10 wmr16, for example, long light, LED spot welding temperature of about 50 ; 15 wpar20, about 55 to 60 . 
Small volume, light quality, due to the special structure of the SynJet cooling module, so you can do smaller volume, can be used in some can't install the fan in the canister light. Small size, good heat dissipation can make the small size of the LED lamps and lanterns to achieve a high power and brightness. 
: low noise fan motor noise in rotation is inevitable, if it is used for indoor lighting, night such a noise. SynJet heat dissipation is insensitive to the vibration membrane in the ear module under the frequency of vibration, noise is small, even can't feel the noise. According to introducing, SynJet cooling modules have three groups of frequency is adjustable. 
Long life: SynJet cooling module structure is simple, life is up to 100000 hours, and the fan is usually only 5000 hours, for is famous for its long life of LED lights, 5000 is clearly a bit. When SynJet cooling module in application, a bit of a pay special attention to is to the whole lamp cup opening, ensure internal air can exchange with the outside world, otherwise SynJet cooling effect will be discounted. 
2, soaking technology 
Heat has a rule, it will turn out for the heat resistance of low places. If heat through heat conduction medium to go out, it will be passed on to the PCB, long running will result in PCB overheating deformation and damage. Accordingly, when loaded with work of huge heat per unit area is a video card is the most difficult to overcome the cooling problem. Below is the traditional cooling ways on the density of the heat transfer of horizontal comparison: 
A 50 cm2, 6 mm thick vacuum panels HeatFlux heat transfer density of up to 115 w/cm2, copper heat pipe is more than 10 times, soaking VaporChamber vacuum cavity plate than pure copper substrate has better thermal diffusion properties, especially suitable for the use of high power CPU and GPU. 
As shown, soaking for vacuum cavity plate cooling process diagram, chip generate heat by large soaking plate rapid absorption and conduction, encapsulated medium start from liquid into gas, by the heat out of the evaporation area. Gaseous medium expansion to the vacuum chamber, will quickly out of the heat conduction to the whole package in the cavity and the conduction of the copper into the aluminum fins. Aluminum fins heat after forced convection cooling fan, lose working medium heat cooling, change for the liquid through inner cavity wall capillary action, then return to the bottom of evaporation zone, to the new heat again, and again gasification tropical out, forming a cycle. 
To sum up, the vacuum soaking plate advantages are: 
A. The impedance of the soaking plate one of the lowest in the industry, the 300 W is applied to 25 mmx25mm measurement value of 0.05 C/W 
Size 2. Appearance is very flexible, soaking plate area of up to 200 mmx200mm 
Three. To overcome the limit direction, improve the efficiency of electronic component/system 
3, self-excited oscillation flow tube/loop heat pipe 
Them as an extension of the traditional heat pipe technology, is also the achievement by liquid phase change heat transfer, heat transfer ability is sintered heat pipe 20-30%, with high heat transfer efficiency, simple structure, low cost, good adaptability, heat transport distance etc, is solving the problem of high power LED heat dissipation is the most effective solution. 

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