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Indispensable in building lighting project both kinds of lamps and lanterns

A building lighting project must understand what lamps and lanterns, it contains can correct is made. Now borrow group experience platform to explain for everybody, and indispensable to the building lighting engineering both kinds of lamps and lanterns. 
Guardrail tube 
LED guardrail tube was born was rope used for decorative lighting, popular all over the world, using LED light-emitting diodes, small power consumption (less than 1 w), no heat, long life, impact resistance, high reliability, etc. Built-in microcomputer program or an external controller can realize water, gradient, and jump, chasing several change effect, are widely used in Bridges, square, the subway, tourism, shopping malls, lighting decoration. 
Is composed of three primary colors red, green and blue mixed color realize the change of the seven colors, using pulse width modulation of the output waveform, under the condition of the scanning speed quickly, using the human visual inertia gradient effect. 
A light tube to change out of seven different colors at the same time, more light tube together can also display the graphics and text. Change time, change form can be arbitrary control, soft light, high brightness. 
Wash the wall lamp 
Outline of decorated building, can rise to highlight the effect of landscaping building, according to the size of the lamp bead power into power wash wall lamp, low power wash wall lamp. In general single 1 w and above 1 w lights, wash wall lamp belongs to large power wash wall lamp! 

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