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High-rise residential building lighting design points

High-rise residential building lighting design key points: 
A, high-rise residential building style determines the forms of lighting lighting more reflect the difference of the high-rise residential building in the architectural style, european-style buildings, for example, grave stone, rich and changeful, elegant sculpture and roof pantile architrave, the obvious element of Europe type style also determine the intention of the light: express the construction of the whole elegance, charm of classic emotional appeal, warm temperature of the LED lamps and lanterns has become the first choice. Mediterranean style of architecture, the focus of the glazed tile roof is a lighting performance. Chinese traditional architecture is suitable for using small project-light lamp or line lamp for some local structure. The lighting concept often were formed at the beginning of the design. So we have to highlight the theme, the lights into the design of residential buildings, and architectural style characteristics of the unified and harmonious. 
Second, ambient light, a viewpoint of different decided how much the light plan at the beginning of the we need to know the situation surrounding the building to make. Point of view during the day, for example, a residential area is usually not all monomers and facade, choose takes the pointanalysis, find out the key, so conducive to cost control. And surrounding night light environment is also very important, the size of the brightness directly determines the power of the light source. So reasonable analysis results can affect the final engineering cost, electricity and other economic factors. 
Three, fully consider the effect of glare on residents, effective prevention and control of glare control, not control good glare may stimulate residents' vision, let people produce discomfort; This is also the most headache developers and owners usually most complaints. So when choosing lamps and lanterns and installation position Angle, must consider the people from the point of view of the position, especially in residential construction such as glass door, window and balcony when install lamps and lanterns, the premise is must not affect the people's life and rest; Residential illumination also must pay attention to: use less as far as possible large facade floodlight, cast light beam must steer clear of the door, window, at the same time, careful with large area color light. In modern building lighting design standard, the construction of the surface outside the window the vertical illuminance, and outdoor lamps and lanterns is one of the biggest in the direction of the bedroom luminous intensity has clear requirements, need to attract attention. 
Four, the concealment of the lamps and lanterns is installed, security, try to be hidden lamps and lanterns. For with the lamps and lanterns, the color of lamps and lanterns and the environment coordination, not to undermine residential building landscape during the day, to see the light see lamp, lighting equipment and uniting of the original architecture. On the installation position of lamps and lanterns, we must consider whether there is a potential safety hazard, especially the flat roof, window, balcony place, where people can touch, for safety sake, want to do a good job of hiding the fixed and the power cord of lamps and lanterns, installed in the best hands to touch the place. As well as in maintaining perspective, facade with lamp need to pay special attention to, use less as far as possible and avoid aerial work. 
Do a good job in high-rise residential building lighting design, not only can promote residential area profile, optimize the environment of community activities at night. At the same time also is advantageous to the city night view lighting project overall coordinated development. 

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