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The building of LED lighting

Building up areas: 
1. The night view lighting should be taken into account according to the urban planning as a whole. The building lighting city night view lighting should be closely integrated with the urban planning, is a component part of urban planning. According to the overall planning, focus on showing the characteristics of a city landmark project designs city-lighting project construction, not only reasonable illumination function, but also has the very high artistic level, make the finishing point, become the city's image of classic. 
2. According to the function of urban night scene design 
According to the overall urban planning of the deployment, night view design with the characteristics of the city and building function. Different functional properties of streets and location, a specific environment and buildings, the lighting should be a different atmosphere, different brightness or different style. 
3. The designs city-lighting project as an important part of urban landscape. 
The constituent elements of the urban environment landscape including natural and artificial buildings, containing both posture behemoth and micro, some focus on practical function, some outstanding decorative ornamental value. From the past focus on the function into both practicality and aesthetics. Future sustainability, standardization, systematic expansion implement and improve the level of technology and art. 
4. Designs city-lighting project engineering design and construction. 
Fusion designs city-lighting project work hard in the process of construction engineering design and construction. In the modernization of municipal engineering, key cultural relic and old neighborhood repair, building facade renovation work, can fit for both. 
5. To strengthen the management of the designs city-lighting project work. 
Normal operation of management to keep the designs city-lighting project facilities and good lighting effect is of great significance. Including the legalization of the management of scientific and management. At the same time to take advantage of modern control technology for scientific management, a light rate and facilities can not only ensure readiness, economical and practical, also can guarantee to achieve the best effect. City night view lighting project construction must adjust measures to local conditions, the strengths, the limited funds to use. For the majority of the people do good things, does the practical work. 
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