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The lighting designer must forge a pair of piercing eye

As a lighting division, first of all to clean your Chu occupation characteristics, lighting division is a visual art engineer, all the visual images are carefully through the lighting lighting division have been formed. So, the eyes of the lighting division is different from ordinary people's eyes, should be particularly sensitive to light, there should be unique. As the saying goes: this man is a man of high vision. Well, the lighting division's vision is not high. Lighting division is the responsibility of dealing with light, whether white or Ranguang artificial light are objects, lighting designers need to focus on the nature of projects include: sun, all other things in the world, the situation of the environment. Sunlight to earth, why has the sunny side, shaded light and luminous formed; at the time of the day for a period of time, the sun light is formed with the angle between the surface. Distinguish between different periods of color and color temperature as well as the angle of the light and the high angle; what kind of impact of the building on the light, the lighting should be repeated observation. At the same time, lighting division more clearly, Yin Yao rain, snow, moon and night under different environment light features and characteristics, different weather conditions will affect people's psychological and emotional, etc.. Of course, the lighting is more sensitive to light and dark. A qualified lighting engineer should have "third eyes"". The so-called "third eyes", refers to the eyes of the lighting division and the camera, camera synchronization, white, the lighting division's eyes should be as sensitive and delicate as a camera. The ability to synchronize from the observation, practice, comparison, multi pondering, multi practice. If you do not have this ability, it is difficult to design lighting to meet the requirements of film and television photography lighting.

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