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What is the power and benefits of lighting?

Swan invented the electric lamp (left) and Edison lamp. Lighting is an independent art discipline. The illumination has the different creation connotation with other artistic categories, has its special artistic rule and the creation way. To say the Sichuan lighting is really too numerous to mention. Because the lighting is amazing, too elusive. Here to talk about the role of lighting, I would like to express the meaning of water in the light of the people in front of people to show the shape of the white. As a result of light exposure to the light on the object and presents a silent language, the original ecology, a variety of natural light charm, stimulate people's desire to create. It is not the natural light, shape, shape, state, so that people dig into the source of artistic creation. In fact, lighting lighting "ancestral" is the original. Human use of artificial light source to simulate the original lighting lighting, the principle, based on the original nature of the light from the natural light. This section let us understand the utilitarian role of lighting, the ultimate goal is to grasp, use and imitation, so that it is the art of television lighting services. Edison and his invention of the electric light. The light sketch of Edison patented painting Edison invented the electric light, to be recognized for the development of human society has a huge role in promoting, change the human way of life, let us have a sun light use value in some degree 1 village, to extend our time, so we can still do at night what we can do only in the daytime, admire only in light of the circumstances to appreciate beauty. From the point of view of visual psychology, Edison is triggered by the changing of the heart during the day and the feelings of the germination of this initiative. Now we start to learn this lighting, with the original concept of Edison invented the concept of lighting, there are essentially different. We study the lighting is not only to illuminate, it is the greatest utilitarian role can play the soul of the film and television, is the embodiment of lighting language and the structure of the lighting technology. That being the case, we have to pay attention to the unique lighting of the discipline, it is necessary to completely change the original do not take it seriously and pay attention to the habit. Imagine that we have a natural instinct since childhood, when we do things or stone books, if the stone is not clear enough, it will be very close to the light or open a lamp, which is the manifestation of the utilitarian lighting. In our lives, when lighting reveals our world, it provides us with clues to the surface structure, external form, distance and color of everything. What kind of light will we measure and set down? Now qiaokuang changed, because we will be lighting staff professional. Change of status, the knowledge will change. Art comes from life, knowledge comes from the observation of life, the nature of the world to give us the charm of the world. The sun is the source of all things. Light has its natural implication, which is due to the limitations of the sun's light on human activities, resulting in the development of natural feedback behavior. For example, people are free to move during the day, like to communicate, to exercise and to play: in the night, the lack of vitality, in the dark environment will naturally feel fear. It all stems from our unconscious adaptation to nature. Because of the existence of the sun, we in different environment, time, the season of different activities of the various feelings, become the common sense of mankind. This natural response is like the sunrise and sunset, along with the development of mankind, so that people living in different regions, different races, different languages, have similar emotions and emotions. As a kind of artistic form of expression and reappearance of life, the function of lighting is to achieve a kind of natural real effect, so as to support the overall needs of expression. But the imitation, the restoration, the creation effect effect of illumination, all originate from the mind of "the sun" of all things. Learn to feel and capture the difference of the light, to convey the truth of the light of the objective world, and to make use of the subjective psychological feeling caused by the light to the human being correctly and reasonably. Knowledge of lighting: lighting design, lighting, landscape lighting, road lighting

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