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A good lighting designer should have three qualities

If to a lighting division asked to succeed in the lighting career need what quality, whether it is film or television lighting lighting division division, some of them will say professional knowledge and practical experience, some would say lighting skills or artistic sensibility. All of these are the necessary conditions for the success of the lighting division. Some are born, some are acquired training, and some are with the master to shoot the film and television drama, engage in years of practice out of the party. In short, when the lighting division is not easy, they must have true skill and genuine knowledge must also have a rich, practical experience. Some people say: it is easy to train a director, but it is difficult to train a good lighting engineer. I believe this, but it's quite deep. So, what is a good lighting logo? He must have the quality to be familiar? First, the taste of a successful lighting division must have grade. Although the taste is only part of the quality, but even the most intelligent, the most imaginative, the most capable of organizing the lighting, if there is no grade can not be successful. Good lighting division can absorb nutrition from a variety of art forms: reading literary masterpiece, the study of philosophy and science, reasonable, listening to music, paintings, astronomy and geography. H H familiar with the fall of natural light to observe the life of human beings. To observe the natural light after showing a thousand poses, observation of the sun the angle projection on the ground and directly affect the earth level surface illuminated area size, projection height, light intensity, contrast, etc.. The self-cultivation and the original ecology of the natural law of life, is a precious creation on the basis of lighting! There is also a kind of meaning, that is to say that a person's character is the most important lighting. People must be honest and diligent, modest, respect and accept Bu Yi, to know how to respect others is to respect their truth to German art, love your occupation, qinxuekulian, learning from different age art masters, to improve their quality. Two, thinking a truly qualified lighting division must be quick thinking, white is to have a "brain". What are some 1000 "perception", "teacher is the art of understanding". "Thinking" is the source of artistic creation". Only through creative thinking, the film and television creators can take a novel, unique and aesthetic value. "Practice makes perfect" is said to be skilled, skillful and flexible. Only in this way, we can make the skilled people who dare to create, to develop new fields of art. Don't forget, creation can not do without thinking, thinking development and creation. The thinking in the intelligence structure can be divided into convergent thinking and divergent thinking of two types: 1 convergent thinking, is a kind of direction, scope, structured way of thinking that Lichuan lighting division has some experience or traditional method to solve the problem. 2 divergent thinking, is neither a certain direction, and a certain range, not rigid, not tradition, from the known unknown way of thinking. Creative thinking mainly refers to divergent thinking, also known as pioneering thinking or inspirational thinking. It is a kind of creative thinking and creative thinking. Inspiration thinking is the result of the interaction between consciousness and subconsciousness. Creative thinking in the popular words, is to move the brain, ideas, ideas. Especially for those who visit the scene of the lighting division, very valuable. Three, the professional skills of a variety of art categories of professional skills from the tomb of three aspects: learning, curiosity, experience. 1 it is impossible to learn not to learn to be highly skilled. The Chinese people have a saying that the sky is not going to be its own. I often remind students of the lecture, you don't think entering college as if into "insurance companies": do not listen carefully, do not study hard, do not grasp the students' true skill and genuine knowledge is just a name. Diploma can only prove that you have learned in the university graduation lighting your undergraduate, how are you doing your most clearly, you can best test in practical work in the future: Chinese there is a famous saying: "An idle youth a needy age. "Some people ask, what is an artist? A successful artist says frankly, "the artist is a man of hope. "It's a big shock to me. Excuse me, we are lighting workers, and art of dealing with people, if we do not how to human true skill and genuine knowledge, I hope? Not to mention works of art. 2 curiosity "curiosity" comes out of a desire for success. It drives people to learn to seek, to peep, to gain knowledge beyond college and books. Curiosity can motivate people will be interested in all kinds of works of art and art lighting or detached. In order to learn the art of TV lighting, we must have a healthy curiosity. With curiosity, you will care, you want to read the book about the crowd, do not know to ask the teacher, ask colleagues, there must be a sense of uncompromising spirit. Do not know if it is not a shame, smatter occupation moral problems. Smatter people once goof, colleagues how to see you, your own "conscience" and how will you complain: I now regret past doings? 3 experience good lighting division name is not called out, is dry out. He must have both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The past street performers have such a pet phrase: doing nothing false skill, there is practice is the real deal. If the right seat lighting division, is the theory with practice. This practice is experience, and experience comes from practice. There are not many movies and TV series, there is no more than a variety of evening light practice, where do you come from? Only through practice, you can verify the right and wrong, good and bad, in the correction of many times, many times of temper, after a number of experience, in order to accumulate a wealth of experience. Knowledge is the experience system in the human brain, which is grasped by the form of thought. The skill is "white moves", the perfect R movement system, it takes the form of the action as the person to grasp. Knowledge is the prerequisite for the formation of skills, and skills must also be formed through repeated learning and practice. The purpose of mastering the knowledge of lighting is to develop the special abilities necessary for lighting. The lighting engineer must have a keen sense of observation, a keen reaction, an image of memory and visual psychological imagination, etc.. Practice also determines the development of ability. The ability to improve, but also help to master knowledge and skills.

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