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How light and shadow lighting language to enhance the lighting of the theme

Light and shadow can represent different things: the dark may be mysterious, illusory, gloomy, and hidden; the sun may be hot, transmitted, refreshing, and weary. The reason why lighting can lead people to create associations is that they create the conditions and make up the atmosphere. The light of the light helps us to direct the viewer's attention to a certain direction. The isolated tone, light tone of the adjacent height due to the contrast, due to the saturation and lighter color configuration, and clear structure area in the mountain in the blurred background, the audience's attention is attracted. With the convergence of lighting composition of lines, with the level of rich tone, the audience's attention to the local guide should pay attention to. It also allows us to reveal the facts that we wish to reveal, and to guide the audience to assume that they are not true or not completely true. For example, a thief steals in the dark, or a killer with a gun jumps into the dark courtyard and sees his face from a beam of lightning. The owner of the house was awakened, he turned on the light, and the light from the window lit up the thief's face, so that we could see his true colors. In turn, also available lighting so that the audience can not understand an object or a scene, can arrange enough clues to guide the audience's ideas, when the eyes see only very limited things, imagination is more abundant, curiosity is also stronger. For example, only half of the face is illuminated, the shadow covers the recognizable face, thereby increasing the suspense and complicating the story. Again, show the tragic death scene, Saikawa dark cold. In the dark mysterious scene, only a few isolated circles show the picture of the moon light Qiao jing. Hard limited range from the side of the main light lighting, silhouette. In a circle of light, we see a hand of a killer, but not a stone. This increases the imagination of the audience, the scene is more intense infection. If it shows too much, the mystery will disappear. So the design of lighting light omitted many languages, not to explain, the audience will be with the story of the plot and the development of the environment.

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