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Buy kitchen appliances tips three principles to follow

Lighting is an important part of modern Home Furnishing accessories, through the combination of light color, shape and light can be used to set off the atmosphere of the room, room to add luster. Therefore, the choice of a suitable light is to create an integral part of the perfect home space. The modern kitchen lighting should be the first to consider the main function, because both cutting, washing dishes need bright light. Only consider the gentle and friendly atmosphere and light is of no avail to peel the potatoes and shred it deliberately, a feasible way is in the kitchen lighting to meet the use function under the premise of a step by adding decorative elements, and has certain flexibility, to meet the different needs. Buy kitchen home appliance tips three principles to follow the kitchen lamps are usually used to protect the water, smoke and Yi Qingjie principles. Generally set up in the operation of the top of the embedded or semi embedded type ceiling lamp, embedded masks with transparent glass or transparent plastic, so that the roof is simple, to reduce dust, oil pollution caused by trouble. Generally set above the stove hood, hood hidden inside a small incandescent lamp for lighting the stove. If the kitchen doubles as a restaurant, the top of the table can be set up a single lift or single - layer multi - fork chandelier. Light source should be a warm incandescent lamp, should not use cool fluorescent lamp. Tag: lighting design lighting engineering landscape lighting road lighting

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