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Spiritual grasp of lighting visual psychology

First of all, the study of lighting art is visual psychology. In the final analysis of visual psychology, it is necessary to grasp a word "Enlightenment", that is to say, "spiritual". Deepening "understanding" is the fundamental understanding of visual psychology. Understanding is in the process of lighting art teachers play. Because the object of visual psychology is the psychology of people, that is, to study the psychology of TV viewers. The TV program is closely related to the psychology of each TV audience. The artistic effect created by the art of lighting in the TV program has a great impact on the visual psychology of the audience. There is the price of lighting art, it is also the people's psychology is both subjective and objective reason. The reason why people's psychology is objective, because it is a reflection of the outside world, is determined by things outside the mountains. The psychology of human being is the process of neural activity of material, and can be expressed by various external activities. The reason that the human mind is subjective, because it is a reflection of objective reality is always a certain person to restrict, always he accumulated all the personal experience and personality characteristics, and through the realization of the main activities of the. So psychology is the subjective image of objective reality, subjective and objective unity. This unity is realized in the practice of human activities. The reason why movies and TV plays are so attractive and interesting is that they follow the principle. A large number of subjective and objective lens lens together, called purple too. Whether it is a cross montage or parallel montage, nothing more than a combination of objective and subjective lens lens, but the performance of the expression and the inherent meaning of the story is different. In the field of lighting art, people often ignore the chance and grasp the general spiritual creation process, from an accidental phenomenon of art and nature by nature, make it become the unity of the soul and the images of the lighting division. The accidental art form for our so-called 'pre schema ", the creation process of this form involves a lot of knowledge about psychology, the traditional lighting art theory, is undoubtedly a thoughtful challenge. Such as: "Three Kingdoms" Diao Chan said to Wang Yun committed himself to save a scene, lighting division completely broke the traditional lighting method, the use of a large number of mood light, light hint. The scene is indoor, the main light is light, lighting should be set according to the traditional method for warm, but in order to reflect the inner meaning of the story, the tone changed to cold, behind Diao Chan and cold water fluctuation, accurately reveal the complex heart of Diao Chan at the moment came the lighting and lighting played most incisive psychological language, let people praise. A meaningful work is a true reflection of the artist's inner self. People always want their imagination into concrete artistic image, the conversion from perception to reason, because the elements can't cover its actual situation -- is pure performance, so that works of general super from images of the existing value. In the process of lighting art creation, the contingency is often accompanied by "complex form of beauty". In a sense, in the process of accidental image is chaotic and abstract, it all in the exclusion of other subjective ideas, with the psychological changes of lighting division and intellectual grasp, and gradually become the tip of divine things. Therefore, the process often determines the outcome, and the so-called result is a hypothetical and virtual body. William Hogarth had put forward the agile method is very brisk to master considerable Art Space: "with this method to observe the form, we will feel the body, whether it is static or dynamic, always forced the imaginary light movement. More precisely, the movement of the eye itself is always guided, so that the eyes are more or less pleasant to the various contours and movements. "The persistence of the continuity of the process experience is the intermediary of a work from conception to completion. Therefore, the subjective intention of polarization light projected into; an important premise; that is to say, for the properties of projective object consciousness or what kind of what kind of behavior intention, the original form of the essence of the relations between people and things. The famous British painter Hogarth Hogarth famous painting "marriage contract" in the lighting techniques do not equal to idea skillfuly. The so-called "in the light of the first", "have an answer", can only be the assumption of the design of the light and the rest of the process, the natural development and natural expression of artistic creation, is the real thing, is the essence of art. It would be a waste of time to complete the layout of a play in the light of the preset realm of creation. Because, 'has been divorced from the creative process of the existence of intermediaries, but also denied the main body and the dialectical relationship between leisure. That is to say, it lacks the experience of the subject to the object, and finally leads to the expansion of the intention of the spirit to the abnormal scale. A few months of lighting lines constitute objects, is to let the light exists in the object, to reproduce the object itself implied meaning. The romance of the Three Kingdoms is a good use of the hands of the brush - light. To light first, do not equal to the conventional concept of breaking, reconstructs the object itself inherent meaning. So touching a beautiful picture depicting. Lighting through years of practice and study, the author summarizes the conclusion and found many lighting art lighting techniques, but also realize that a master of many principle psychology, just like in the lighting division in mind, a computer digital stunt machine, can infinite development, any change, inexhaustible. Only in this way, there will be association and imagination, metaphor and symbol, there will be contrast and similarity, time and space, will have a purpose to design mood light, light, light, light guide. Only by mastering the psychology of vision, you can make full use of the color of Lichuan to create, design, and color. Because the color and Qiao Xu are inextricably linked, and emotion is dominated by visual psychology. Whether it is a TV set, or lighting large variety show, not blindly, but by thinking, conception, design, at the same time, this kind of thinking, conception, design should also contact the plot. Whether to reveal something or that something should be consistent with the lighting art, psychological law of the people's vision, ideas, consideration must be given to the lighting art effect can meet the design requirements of the plot, the psychological expectations of audience satisfaction. We use the following schema to Bo said: just as shown in the figure, the Visual Psychological Association, the germination of the idea of artistic creation, mobilize skilled lighting techniques, with lighting division accumulated all the personal experience and on television lighting language connotation is established through the lighting art effect, create the image visual effect of psychological language. The audience's psychology will naturally have a sense of satisfaction. For example, the United States Hollywood photographer James Wong Howe, by a farmer to become a great photographer, his "teacher" is the visual psychology, he due to visual psychological shock and infection and embark on the road of photography. Once he went to the Hollywood studio play, a blue eyed female star let him take a picture, then Huang stores do not take pictures, not to mention the use of light, as it cannot be helped and curiosity, he gave a strange combination of circumstances of female star photo shoot in blue eyes turned into black eyes. The female star is very happy, all of a sudden a lot of female stars have asked him to take pictures, think he is god. In fact, he can't figure out what's going on. Later he found the factory into a blue eyes black eye causes: table, glass under the black cloth, because of the principle of light refraction and reflection, resulting in blue eyes become dark eyes. Therefore, this is a great inspiration to Huang Zongli's visual psychology, he found that the light is so magical. From then on, he fell in love with photography. Because he Sichuan visual psychology constantly pondering and observation of life, creation of film and television industry has been recognized as a "high profile" (white background, Bai Tuguang), the "halftone" (gray background, gray rabbit), "low-key" (black Peng, black rabbit). Huang Gang mastered the visual psychology, in its photographic career by leaps and bounds. He is in the light of the valley. There are unique, has produced a lot of excellent films, known as the world famous photographers. Visual psychology is not only effective for the art of lighting, for any art, any category, any discipline are the first to determine the role of the drive. The TV expert is used to commenting on a good TV work: "the director has an idea. "Or" the camera has an idea. The so-called "idea" is the crystallization of the creator's mental thinking process. Shine Hollywood Chinese photographer James Wong Howe's work according to learn visual psychology, is to understand the art of lighting art panacea, is stepping into the art of the hall of the ladder.

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