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A senior lighting designer's understanding of lighting design language

Language is a common medium of understanding, are all factors that explain the structure of language reveals things and make things itself through language to express their human feelings and communicate information, use facial expressions and body movements to express subconscious language sometimes, silent language more Lenovo language lighting in the television picture than the language of sound more depth, that is to play "subconscious language in the sound of silence" is a famous director once said: "I think the story is a lighting division when understanding rather than the cameraman" of the second National Symposium on art experts recognized conclusion is: "this is the first scene, the light is" the spirit of "spirit" is the lighting language. Lighting is written in the light of calligraphy; lighting is a landscape painting with a clear tone of shadow; lighting is the use of light, color rendering of oil painting. A beam of light, a light, a light beam contains profound connotation of language, combination of multi beams changed the composition of artistic conception, people seem to see a picture of vigorous calligraphy displayed on the television screen, with static and dynamic light beat, every thing the audience's eyes, strong "" language "to attract people's attention to the contrast of light and shade, light tone three degrees ladder method, through the two-dimensional space limitations, so that the three dimensional reality is reflected in the TV screen if the painting is shaping the space of three degrees, two degrees in space, lighting art is the creation of the three dimension, to display the three dimensional appearance in two space, lighting is 323 two change drawing landscape painting depicting colorful painting colors, white as base Tune the film and television screen, is the passion of the lighting language cry! Different colors can make people have different feelings, because the color and mood of people are inseparable moment together with countless changes tone and tone color association, is a silent language so that the lighting language, it has its own words, vocabulary, sentence, syntax, wording and grammar rules change. The early French film theorist and film director Stan Pu said: "let the love movie is a world language" I think "lighting is the world language" because we have the same earth, when the face is the same sun, with a moon, but time is not the same, not the same customs but the human feel the objective laws of nature are the same; time perception, emotional changes color Lenovo is also common. The extension of the lighting language is actually the extension of human visual thinking, the promotion of social civilization, and the extension of the value of lighting art. The picture language has three realms: a concrete stage; the two stage, the two stage lines just primary and intermediate stage, three stage light only enter this stage, people truly understand the meaning of the film and television picture language, it is the highest level in the picture language because the light can not only reveal the other the object itself, and it itself is a kind of beauty, is a kind of aesthetic leaves like as the famous aesthetician Rudolf Arnheim said: "the light is almost one of the most brilliant, the most spectacular face" by human senses can get the lighting art is on the television screen to create mood atmosphere building important language.

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