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How to locate the city in the urban lighting planning

The city is divided according to the development orientation of lighting city space in the city planning strategy, function level clear city each district, according to the different function of each functional area and the direction of development, put forward the position of each respective partition lighting, combined with lighting positioning in different districts, integrate the city overall landscape lighting layout planning way, landscape spatial pattern of the city lighting complete and clear. City lighting division not only should be closely combined with the positioning function and lighting position of each partition, but also to meet their future development direction, more important is to strengthen the interaction between each district, high housing construction collar, stand in the height of the city, city landscape lighting to determine the overall pattern, optimization the City Night Landscape Lighting City Spatial structure. The following three points to determine the location of the city landscape lighting division. (1) clear the spatial structure of urban landscape lighting division is based on the city's spatial structure of the city, and therefore need to clear the spatial structure of the whole city. Urban spatial structure is the spatial distribution of urban elements in the spatial distribution of the state, is the city's economic structure, social structure of the projection of the space, the existence and development of urban social economy in the form of space. Urban spatial structure is generally manifested in three forms: urban density, urban layout and urban morphology, which can be used to clarify the spatial structure of the city from the three aspects. The density of the city is a kind of synthesis which is composed of many factors, such as economic and social, ecological system and so on. Specific to the spatial structure of the city, need to understand the characteristics and nature of the whole city by city density, by understanding the different regional population density, building density and its change trend, predict the variation tendency of city spatial structure. The core content of the layout of the city is the city with the function of organization, the city is how to partition can clear its function on the interpretation of what is the specific division, the administrative area and the special function is how to distribution, which have characteristics etc.. In short, in this process, we need to have a general understanding of the city's social, economic activities and the integrated form of architectural space, laying the foundation for further analysis of urban spatial structure. Urban form refers to the overall form of urban spatial structure, which is a comprehensive reflection of the internal density and spatial layout of the city. Clear the city is to form a comprehensive understanding of city lighting design entities, or physical environment and space structure in all kinds of activities and form, including city form, city layout of city land external geometry, city function and regional distribution pattern of city spatial organization and landscape architecture. For example, in determining the spatial structure of Qingdao City, mainly on the basis of general urban planning of Qingdao city (2006 - 2020), city planning area consists of the city center, Huangdao, red island and Jiaozhou Bay area of town. Planning a city in the center core, and the Jiaozhou Bay Coastal groups constitute some groups of layout, spatial development strategy to determine the "relying on City, development, layout, axial radiation", this strategy will also guide the whole city landscape lighting space organization. According to the "relying on the main city" development strategy, Qingdao city landscape lighting division is mainly around the main city center. Which city center by South and North, the Quartet, Licang, Chengyang, Huangdao Rong mountain, 7 District, a total area of L '408km, so the whole city, structure is clear.

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