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Analysis on the background of Qingdao night lighting planning

Take Qingdao, Qingdao City, the city landscape lighting has been continuously developing and progress in recent years, continuous improvement in the basic function of lighting on the combination of technology and art more exquisite landscape lighting, and lighting to enhance the level of the night landscape. Since 2003, Qingdao city was completed before the 2008 Olympic Regatta, the city landscape lighting construction, hasimplemented Huiquan, Fushan Bay and Qianhai Line Road, building, square, embankment landscape lighting. In 2008, the focus of the implementation of the Olympic Sailing Center surrounding areas of landscape lighting, so that the Olympic Sailing Center and the surrounding landscape lighting features, fully demonstrated the Olympic style. Zhongshan Road, Taitung three road, Hongkong road and other commercial center area, landscape lighting has its own characteristics, the German style, modern style, business style are vividly displayed. 54 square, Huiquan square, Music Square Plaza, set a large number of key city landscape lighting, showcasing the characteristics of modern city. However, due to historical reasons, many lighting methods do not fully take into account the problem of energy saving, and the glare problem has not been well controlled. Through the investigation of Qingdao urban area, it is found that there are some problems in the construction of urban landscape lighting project in Qingdao. Although Qingdao has a certain number of landscape lighting construction work, but the area of landscape lighting development is very uneven, low coverage of landscape lighting, the center city district and city only a certain number of landscape lighting, the rest area mostly did not conduct unified planning and organization building lighting. In addition to the Hongkong road and the East China Sea Road and urban part of the important roads, squares, commercial nodes, most of the regional landscape lighting is very small, failed to form the overall landscape lighting. The number of architectural landscape lighting is obviously insufficient, many important buildings did not set up the corresponding landscape lighting facilities, and set up some outdoor landscape lighting construction failed to follow the "see the light but not light" principle, to a certain extent affected the diurnal landscape, has great influence on the visual environment. Because of the group structure of Qingdao urban area, the connection of the regional landscape lighting is not enough, so the connection part between the area and the urban landscape contour of the city need to be further improved. Some billboards set sorting, advertising lighting techniques need to be improved; the city landscape lighting construction, energy saving and avoid glare problems needs to be further improved; the lack of relevant laws and regulations in the lighting management, lack of unified management and effective control.

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