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How to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the status of a city lighting

The present situation of lighting is the existing lighting condition in the city or the region, many cities have already carried out some urban lighting construction more or less, but with the development of the city, there are many problems and shortcomings. The existing lighting conditions will have some constraints and guidance to the development of urban lighting planning, which is the necessity of the analysis of the current situation of urban lighting. Therefore, through the detailed analysis of the current situation of urban lighting, it is helpful for the planning of the existing landscape lighting construction of the available area, how much can be used, as well as the extent to which the need for the transformation of the judge. Specifically, the analysis of the current situation of urban lighting around the following aspects. (1) according to the development of the city, the situation of the urban lighting construction in the different stages of urban lighting design is different. In the investigation, first of these has been the construction of lighting engineering comprehensive survey, understand their construction time, scale, investment and other background information, it is more intuitive to find the target construction idea and construction of different lighting construction period and the construction of key and construction, to help found previous lighting construction problems. (2) the amount of urban lighting is one of the most direct manifestation of the current situation of urban lighting, and the most direct reflection of the effectiveness of urban lighting construction in the past. The urban landscape lighting coverage can be generally from the surface, line, point three levels of research. Mainly refers to the city area or partition their lighting situation, whether each area has a certain number of landscape lighting construction project, its construction is consistent with the positioning and the development of their own, can of course area between horizontal comparison; line refers to the city road and the street landscape lighting, the status and nature of city road grade and form are consistent with the necessary and important road landscape lighting is set point; it mainly refers to the landscape lighting facilities, an important node in the city square, park, road intersections, buildings, entrance area is enough. (3) the quality of urban lighting on this aspect of the status quo, including not only the city landscape lighting engineering, but also the quality of urban functional lighting research and analysis. On the status of urban landscape lighting, first of all, the overall coordination of landscape lighting and local connectivity. Coordinated development of the whole city and city landscape lighting situation, whether the partition of their landscape lighting construction and mutual coordination development, and street lighting situation area and even the whole city is harmonious, landmark nodes or building landscape lighting construction and style and environment are coordinated, the relationship between line and region city landscape contours are corresponding landscape lighting. Followed by the investigation and analysis of characteristics of the lighting situation of the city, city landscape lighting should reflect the characteristics of the city, whether some important square, road landscape lighting has the corresponding theme, the choice of lamps with local characteristics, the people can feel the unique city and region style etc.. In addition, the use of urban landscape lighting, the corresponding management laws and regulations, control mode, energy saving issues are also important aspects of urban lighting quality inspection, but also a comprehensive understanding of. About the present situation of city lighting function, to research whether it satisfies the relevant national standard for lighting design or specification, specifically, the purpose is to make clear what is their lack of illumination or illumination exceed the standard, in order to put forward the solutions in the planning. Specific research, if necessary, also need to be targeted to measure some of the city's main roads, parks, squares and other places of the lighting illumination value (specific measurement methods please refer to the relevant books).

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