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What is the LED rainbow tube? Classification and installation method of LED rainbow tube

What is the LED rainbow tube? Also known as the LED lamp belt, LED American lamp; lighting engineering is one of the most commonly used products, and the price is relatively cheap, is a favorite of many customers LED lamp products. Mainly applicable to the cost is not high, the effect is not too fancy places; can do house or sign a word or other metal profile; edge; the dark trough decoration smallpox or KTV. Two, LED rainbow tube classification round three wire, round wire, flat wire, side line, flat three lines, flat four lines, flat five lines, flat seven lines; red, yellow, blue, green, white, red + blue red green blue, red, yellow and blue, red and yellow blue green; for row hop through the controller can reach the flashing effect. Three, LED rainbow tube installed LED rainbow tube including LED lights, LED flexible neon lamp, the installation time try not to put the lamp with all removed from the reel, and then pulled the whole body on the floor installation; because if too much force will lead to the main line of the lamp with a lamp with the fracture. Repair of damaged; if there is not bright, can cut off unit with a blade, then the middle joint for docking. Here to remind is that the use of outdoor docking plug and plug at the end should do a good job of water treatment. In addition, the use of wire should pay attention to its negative power and electricity consumption is not large, the main line of the use of the national standard 4 square millimeter of the main line, the transformer to the lamp line using a line of 2.5 mm2. Signal line as far as possible the use of more than five types of cable. Transformer and controller waterproof and rainproof measures.

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