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The lighting design must obey the Ten Commandments

With discipline in the standard design, is not a bit outdated? Has been a diversified era, the era of the Internet, the era of the center, but also the use of backward methods of preaching, OK? Shenzhou VI god seven days later accurately return to the ground, this technology has been to?

But look back, but the basic requirements of our lives, there is no art, basically unreliable. Eat milk, melamine, pickles, there are Sudan red; steamed bread, there are dyeing powder; cooking, there is waste oil; large watermelon, swelling agent in the cheer. The price of vegetables, vegetable dishes are rotten in the geography, circulation rules clearly wrong. House covered everywhere, but this is a humble home, the purpose of a problem. Originally food is to eat, the house for the board and the cover, the reason is very simple.

I seem to understand the truth of "set up". Christianity can develop, is not Mose's "Ten Commandments" played a role? The success of the Chinese revolution, is not the Chairman Mao and the Communist Party of China, the implementation of the "three disciplines of the eight attention"?

At the beginning of the firm in their own design work, with ideas and ideals of professionalism, education background, professional different, different level of many young people gathered together, let you hold the mouse in the design as a designer. Of course, the company is a foreign book review can only be consistent. Therefore, the individual flowers bloom uneven, or to maintain the basic professional standards for the first? I think we can only choose the latter.

Like a barber shop, beginners can only contact the wig. Thus, from the beginning we repeatedly stressed that the lighting design should respect the carrier object, as far as possible not to use the appearance of the building with the lights of the edge of the outline. Later, in order to design simply explicitly prohibit check erroneous ideas at the outset, strip crochet. In practice, there comes with colors, mostly 7 color filling, and the speed of change it, Liu Xiangyi. Then set the color generally only three, unless the full color image. In addition, the change of the transition set time requirements, do not allow the rapid flashing of different colors. Say, do, go to the scene to see the scene, century is still "buzzing", the color is still like you girl. Because there are designers Duigou side Lianlianbuwang, manufacturers, construction units or the owners are not unified, the existing preference, their party will do.

In order to light our environment can make the city more beautiful at night, in order to maintain the appearance quality is not affected by the lighting equipment carrier unprovoked harassment, only advocated strengthening the knowledge and skills, ethics, establish the correct values, get rid of bad habits and vulgar, exercise aesthetic ability, thinking ability, research ability, in order to avoid crawling based on. So dare to set ten, to design the light of the wind.

A ring, unless the construction of the carrier is better than the outline of the ugly lights;

Two ring light color change quickly, unless it is a festival or image requirements;

Three decorative light from the object carrier, unless you are playing in the light show;

The four ring of large light abuse, unless you want to throw the light in kilometers outside, dazzle dazzle;

The five light leakage, unless a part of the equipment can building components

Six other light weight or upright lamp light distribution, unless the site only need decoration, or only want to see the lights do not want to see people;

Seven ring cloth excessive, unless you are willing to contribute to the industrial assembly line, as an accomplice to the energy crisis;

Eight quit too dependent on the computer, unless you are allergic to the real light experience, imagine the virtual space extraordinary;

Nine quit for the manufacturers, unless you want to switch to sell lights;

The Ten Commandments from the scene, unless you don't want to correct the deviation from the design and installation of the mistakes.

Only 10, just a symbol. Can do 10, on the closure of the people. The first step is to give up some bad design state, to eliminate the harsh techniques, to enter the professional field to create elegant, the goal is to step up to a higher level of expertise.

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