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How to allow customers to recognize the lighting designer's career and service

Nowadays, lighting designers in the whole industry development is very important, especially in the huge investment in commercial projects, the quality of lighting should reach the corresponding level, which is the key value we bring. There is a need to emphasize that the lighting designer is not a product agent, from the professional lighting design, we are to provide customers with services, its profit is not from the sales of the product, but the quality of service. So, we have to integrate into every aspect of the project, so that customers know the role of lighting designers.

A part of our design team, and other designers work together to complete the project, through the professional lighting design, and art practices will light the vitality of intact expression, and enhance the freshness of buildings, so we need to find a balance between art and technology to reflect the value of their own.

Multi way communication

We need to explain to our customers what they are, what they are, how they are going through the process, and how to show them how to integrate with the local scenery. In Taiyuan we have a project is to design a road lamp, the lamp is customized products, but we need to put the specifications and dimensions of landscape designers to consider lighting requirements, and according to the original selection of lamps can usually buy the lamp, so the price is also not very expensive. On the other hand, we further transform the lamp post and design, so that it can meet the requirements of customers and users. After accounting, a total of 60 lamp post, through its cost calculation and technical support, we finally completed the project successfully.

As a lighting designer, it is necessary to enable customers to get a certain return on investment in commercial projects, which can help them to achieve through lighting. At the same time, lighting can also help the building to achieve a better sense of beauty. A hotel in Las Vegas, the lighting level is very rich, the use of a variety of lighting, decorative lighting, general lighting, focus lighting, special lighting and other lighting lighting levels, let customers can defeat good to make the project more successful, so that the building is welcome, but sometimes the effect is not certain see immediately, so it needs to explain to customers, we illustrate the concept, and put into practice.

Focus on the design of building services benchmark functions

China's lighting industry is very competitive, many people may not charge customers to design, but to get a good reputation. As a professional lighting designers, must let customers know that lighting projects also willing to invest in the range as far as possible please have the strength of the lighting designer, the customers also need a process of education, so we should make efforts to design from the standard, to serve the function of architecture.

This is a water park in Beijing water cube, in such a huge space often used in warehouse lighting, but because this is a public swimming building, the most important safety, but also need to coordinate with the appearance, so we move through different lights to achieve art.

At the same time, we began to explore how to create a more complete space - there are different challenges in different spaces, to face different tasks, the use of different boredom to complete the design. In the design of a theater, before I sell my service to the customer, it is necessary to introduce the technical parameters in detail.

In addition, lighting occupies the largest part of building energy consumption, and many developers only consider how to be built, they are not necessarily building users, so when the design may be difficult to consider the problem of energy consumption, but when we are in the design of lighting, we need to consider the practicability of this building, and in effect energy saving and environmental protection.

If you can let the architects know clearly we can bring value, and will pass this information to the owners, the owners will be willing to believe that lighting designers and architects as a team, working together, and the customer will slowly accept our work in this process.

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