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Lighting design should focus on improving the details of lighting design

The source of inspiration is everywhere

Every time I see a design, I will use some ideas to help me find the design. I think there are four steps, first of all, to create, to find some inspiration for the solution, followed by the need to think of the design difficulties, but also to understand what the design opportunities, and finally to ensure consistency.

We're looking for something unique and the ingredients we need. For example, when we see a sandwich, we think, "what's in a perfect sandwich?" You can get some inspiration by asking questions. Inspiration from a variety of channels, such as magazines, movie stars, information on the field, reading books, watching movies, as well as research projects, etc..

Reasonable lighting gives people a sense of comfort, safety and health

We can use light to shape the size and form of buildings. How the light covers the surface of the building, how it affects the appearance of the building, what kind of content can be provided, and the adjustment of the visual focus of the audience, which is a form of problems. There are dimensions of the problem, such as people in a relatively low place, you will feel depressed, which is in the top floor of the building is not the feeling of 4-5. We need to adjust the size, size, scale, and use the light to provide content, highlighting the focus of vision. People's eyes will be attracted to the brightest place, visual effects in the content to be able to guide your eyes, this is the highlight of the content and visual focus. At the same time through the light, coordinate the focus and the surrounding environment to achieve a more perfect effect.

There is a very important thing, such as safety, such as walking the channel, to make people feel safe, will not be threatened by the environment. Correct and reasonable lighting, so that people have a good sense of light, to create a better atmosphere of life. Design light, vision and appropriate effects for different behaviors. We also need to improve the comfort of the vision, there must be adequate light, but not dazzling glare. Lighting can increase social interaction, can affect the way we talk to each other and the feelings of both sides, good lighting to create a pleasant mood and atmosphere, giving people a better experience. Recent studies have shown that good lighting can increase the sense of health and comfort. So these are the important factors that I think should be considered before designing the project.

Design program five

The first is the analysis of what is, is this project; and then to the visual, lighting is what effect; the third step is the correct judgment and decision making, lighting should be what kind of department is fourth; inspection; the fifth step is to ensure that the selection, I design the lighting to the selection and specification is very suitable, so this is a complete process.

Need to use spatial analysis and characteristics of clear space in the analysis process, the establishment of lighting project directory, feasibility evaluation of lighting solutions, and to use the chart information, consideration of the information provided by the manufacturer. In this thing is the distribution of light, I need what kind of light.

The other one is the intensity of the light intensity of light, what is appropriate, and light eyes, how warm warm, cool more cold, we hope to use what kind of material for the light to do some rendering, how to use color effectively, how these tools provide some experience and very light the meaning of the environment. Every time I understand the project, the beginning will draw some sketches, to understand the specific space, consider what we can from different aspects, in what way the space rendering. For example, the light is from the bottom up, or from the top down, the elements which I can not ignore.

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