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Introduction to lighting design in Japan

[content] this book is the cooperation of the three Japanese experience with lighting famous lighting designer lighting design a how-to book, not only for the lighting design to do a more comprehensive and systematic exposition, but also has a strong practical. This book by Zhao

Ming culture, human feelings and light, lighting technology, lighting design, lighting planning of five parts. Lighting industry in China has just emerged, it is very enlightening, not only as a lighting design entry book, but also on the

Lighting designers, interior designers, landscape designers and teachers and students of colleges and universities have important reference value. This book has just been published in Japan, reprinted several times, indicating a good practical value.

This book is suitable for interior designers, lighting designers, landscape designers, landscape designers and college teachers and students.


Longxing Island, 1946, was born in Tokyo, in 1969 after graduating from the Department of optical engineering, Tokai University, LD Institute of mountain research, TL Institute of mountain. Light design research was established in 1989

By 1998, Nakajima Longxing Lighting Design Institute chairman and director personally engaged in lighting planning and design, Chiba Institute of Technology, Okayama Prefectural University, Kyushu University School of external lecturer, Japan lighting

Members of the association, the North American Society of lighting, Interior Design Association member, Nanjing Arts Institute consultant, urban design and development institutions. International Lighting Design award.

Lighting design: Alfa Tuomamu Hostel Haus am Turm, eight Yue tourism district office building, Ikeda Yama apartment, Wu Kuchuan college third school Koshien hall, Tokyo International Airport Air arch, big Cedar Bridge, kilo Luo Xincheng Hotel, hotel aimpil, cave club, International Garden Club, golf club, hotel industry Segovia Tian Feng. Bridge public hospital, ashikawa residence etc..

Works: lighting design in 1986 light industry survey and Lighting Science Akira Country Club 1988

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