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How to deal with the art and function of urban public lighting

The integrity of urban lighting

Let's take a look at the first question of art, the so-called holistic problem. I put the city building Zamin likened to a tree in the forest, the forest is not good-looking, want to see every tree forest trees with good looks, charm, this is the problem of lighting planning. Lighting design from the system itself, there must be planning, involving the forest, is involved in planning.

Zhao Mingming to do the design, even if you don't do the planning, must also be a forest of thought, consider the surrounding environment as a whole, the environment depends on the building, may want to consider housing 5 kilometers, 5 kilometers outside the place to see what shape is it? Then solve the problem. So the design must have the idea of the forest.

Suitability of lighting design

For example, commercial street lighting

Count, many designers hear the "road", the first reaction is landscape lights, why fall into such a "routine"? The problem lies in the suitability. Foreign commercial street advertising light based, like the Ginza in Japan, only three

The building is illuminated, and China wants all the buildings to be lit. Advertising is an indispensable element, so it has a great effect on the rendering of the landscape.

Landscape lighting, a city, each space has its own personality, called spatial attributes. Our designers always use their own habits, whether it is A, B or C, are using landscape lights, which is not enough to study the properties of space.

In addition, the lighting design should also reflect the regional culture, with a taste of culture. The particularity of regional culture carrier local culture gene, it can show the characteristics of the local culture, it can avoid the phenomenon of thousands of city side.

The scientific selection of technical indicators

The environment determines the ambient brightness around the design object. In the design, remember not to go to the site design, but also in line with the control of urban planning, the city if there is no reasonable planning, it can not guarantee the scientific.

The brightness of the determination must be scientific and rational, which is closely related to energy conservation, but also with the landscape effect is closely related to the important point of relative brightness a little, not important point is relatively dark, when planning, to determine which place is important, where is not important. In addition, color planning is also a very important part.

The urgency of harm avoidance

Light pollution is not unfamiliar to us, many designers in the design, more attention is the effect, often ignore the problem of light pollution.

The lighting of urban public space, a kind of functional lighting, a kind of landscape lighting, functional lighting is always the first, on the basis of the function of the pursuit of art. About the art of energy conservation issues, if it is landscape lighting, art history first, energy saving is two, landscape lighting must ensure the effect.

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