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How to use natural light in lighting design

The basic characteristics of natural light we say natural light is a combination of the three bottom line we will, a natural concept of sustainable design and can bring benefits to us and our planet, provide a good environment for human beings, we help save energy and save money. Therefore, the collection of natural light needs to cover the requirements of these 3 areas.

When we do the project, we should introduce the natural light, in order to think about the direction of the operation of the seedlings, but also to ensure that people inside the building can see the weather outside, so as to better create indoor Huang Xing. In addition, the ground floor of the building next to the reflection of light is an important factor to consider.

Daylight harvesting in new buildings

When the project started

We have to work closely with the architects to understand the relationship between the building and its surroundings, and if he is right, there will be many advantages. The location and direction of the building, in general, the best north-south two elevation

Use glass curtain wall as much as possible. The back will not have the sun, so do not worry about the glare, the south facade there will be sunshine, so the building designed north-south can better control the natural light. In addition to the perimeter of the building

As long as possible, but also to ensure that users can access to natural light, ceilings, windows must be guaranteed to have a good natural light.

In a new library

In the project, we use very sophisticated lighting control system and ballast can be the control of natural light, and a personal computer sensor, if someone in the time the lights will open, no one will open. This graph

The library has two floors, facing the southwest, and the architects of the library are very concerned about how direct sunlight enters the room and how we use it. As a matter of fact, we simulate the illumination of different periods of the year

To determine the intensity of illumination. This is what we have done in this building to ensure that we are able to understand the changes in natural lighting at different times of the day.

Natural light utilization in renovation

Congressional offices have different

Suites and corridors, relatively old, renovation needs to introduce a lot of natural light. Because of the need to save costs, do not want to multi wiring, so wireless is more reasonable, but the government is worried about the interference of other wireless radio systems

Although we don't like it, we have to think about wired. So we take a look at, if the direct lighting into indirect lighting how much money, how long will it take to recover the cost? All this needs to be in line with the government budget.

Ewingcole lighting design company's headquarters in Philadelphia, the Federal Reserve Bank, the building is now lighting energy consumption is about 2.48 watts per square foot, lighting efficiency is relatively low, certainly meet the standard. Originally used in the room is T8 dome light, we have to do is to upgrade these lights, rather than completely refurbished. We analyze different lamps, understand what kind of western people through the investigation, we reduce from two T8 lights to a T5 lamp on it, and raised the light device, such a total reached 15%, the color is relatively white, the lamp is controlled by computer and do a simple analysis of the cycle, such as do not need to use light outside the window, the job is about 10 lux illumination, the corridor requires only 20 lx. There is a building on the opposite side of the building. The tower light is reflected. If you put the curtain down in the south, you can avoid the reflection of light. We do not take into account the climate change, if the weather is good, it is necessary to put down the shade. Need the design cost about a small cost of each lamp is $221, the dashboard will help us to read the data, understand what, how much money, how much consumption, but also made a model to analyze what is the impact on the system. Overall, it takes about 6 years to recover the cost. When it comes to improvement, people will complain that they don't need to change anything, but they will feel better after finishing.

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