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Embrace the sun (lighting notes)


It is not the first time that we have mentioned the important part of future lighting including natural light and natural light. In the past, many designers thought that natural light seemed to be far away from its own work and didn't think it was important. frank

Some people think that natural light is too difficult to master. However, the current issue of the journal shows a lot of practice, not only to the relevant technology and methods of a step forward, and through the clever design of natural light, has made great achievements


Lighting designers, such as Christian Bartenbach or Carpenter Norris, are already experts in natural light, although the two masters are quite different in nature. The lighting design team from Arup, a global company with independent engineering consultants and designers, has demonstrated that they are also in a leading position in natural light. Over the past 24 months, they have been commissioned to design natural lighting and lighting for the 4 major museum projects. Their work is a surprise what place, whether the project is happening in the world such as Greece, Europe or the United States, can be perfect, the lighting level can be adjusted according to demand. In this issue of the journal, such a project, the reader can see the project from concept to implementation process.

In the past few years, museum operators have undergone a change in strategy. Natural light is not only a part of the museum's design, but also an element that the owners are increasingly aware of and insist on. Lighting designers should of course be able to embrace the development of the double wave. Dr. Heinrich Kramer, who has worked on a number of museums around the world over the past 30 years, explains in detail the reasons behind this trend.

Although natural light design has many advantages, electrical lighting equipment do not have to worry about losing their teachers. The advantages of LED are as popular as the magnificent sunset and the darkness of nature. The LED area at the Light+Building show in Frankfurt has blinded many people to the current market situation. New and old factories are eager to enter the LED market as soon as possible. For those who catch up with the popular team. Sooner or later the bubble will break LED. Existing lighting vendors and new companies focused on the replacement of LED lighting products is the key to changing the user market. All more than and 20 companies will be LED bulbs as incandescent and compact fluorescent lamp alternatives, hoping to be part of the market. The recommended retail price for these products is 25 euros, while the old bulbs that he has the same effect are still selling at a price of about $2 a year ago, and manufacturers are hoping to increase their sales in the industry chain by 1. Objectively speaking, this is not realistic, in the next few years the market will be more intense competition, many people will have to reluctantly give up, or go home, disappeared in the sunset.

In addition to the museum concerned with the natural light design, in another theme is the media inside. Media is one of the elements of modern lighting design, and there is no other technology can be compared with this trend. Many readers may not like to hear this, but the situation is clear. Hongkong night view of the Vitoria harbour as a large single and unique. Lighting fixtures installed in 44 builders created a 13 minute multimedia show. This issue introduces the starlight project in Seoul, South Korea and the casino project in Macao, to show readers the tremendous value of the media.

Back to the theme of natural light. The future of education and professional training will bring you more advantages than competitors, you have to work hard to master the necessary knowledge to make different things in the rain. It is time for lighting practitioners to learn natural light design.

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