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How to coordinate design, budget and owner's preferences

Each designer's communication skills are not the same, there is no case there is no budget. But the design is the art of value, if you do a work of art, as long as you can satisfy their preferences, but the design is to pay the design fee, this is a fact. Usually we will understand all the needs of the owners at the beginning of the design, if the owners at the beginning of the request is not appropriate, or not accurate, we will at that time let him know. For example, he wanted to make a fast food restaurant, he hopes to make it project Hengyou style, if the gap, we will tell him at the beginning of the budget is fast food budget, and not we cannot do fast food restaurants, we can think of fast food restaurants have done a lot of texture, but not with a five star hotel budget to do. So for me, the headache itself is the bounden duty of the designer, his every designer subject, designers began to understand the owners of the positioning and budget, work out the design must be responsible for these aspects, this is a person in charge of the design.

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