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The development of Chen's space lighting design in National Museum "ancient China" (two)

(3) determine the order of lighting equipment in accordance with the degree of association with other related projects. Existing design conditions. The orbit of smallpox. It is suggested that the three loop track in the basic lighting can be changed to DA LI track, which can solve the majority of the lighting needs. Check the response degree of the existing track to the wall, the bare exhibits and the lighting requirements of the space (the direction of the projection of light and the direction of the display). Add necessary track. DALI system. Data line and controller. It is necessary to define the connection between the data line and the controller to determine if the number of control points is first estimated Light type? Number of lamps per unit length track / power limit? ). Lamps in the booth and booth. Considering the vertical and horizontal planes and space lighting, uniform illumination and focus lighting, lighting and other lighting in different directions respectively to determine the structure and lamp selection, through the implementation of the control system of regulating illumination (such as continuous illumination changes of 0 - 300lx). Control system in the booth and booth. The track lights on the ceiling.

The development of Chen's space lighting design in National Museum "ancient China" (two)

3 cooperate with the pavilion to determine the degree of light sensitivity.

4 to complete the specific development of Chen space lighting design, put forward the technical requirements of showcase lighting.

5 field environment simulation experiment.

6 guide installation and commissioning.

From the final completion of the situation, the protection of the exhibits, the background and exhibits the brightness of these two aspects of the relationship between the ideal results. However, due to the progress of the project, the final failure to adopt DALI system. The arrangement of the track was determined by the architect and was already installed at the beginning of the lighting design stage. Failure to follow the recommendations of the lighting designer additional track, the layout of the lamp caused great limitations.

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