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V.I.P. device in Uppsala, Sweden

The day is not bright, the children living in northern Europe will go to school, but also in the afternoon after returning home to stay in the dark for a long time. Uppsala city for the Heidenstamskola elementary school playground installed for young people both affinity, and visual impact of the lighting equipment.

The concept of the device was named V. I. P, including a white circle painted on the ground, the sidewalk is passing through it, people can also pass through the above. The lamp is mounted on three white posts and focused on the center of the circle. When darkness falls, there is life in the circle. Look at the past as a stage of the lights, waiting for the stars to go up. And when someone comes into the light, it turns into a fascinating array of colors. This idea comes from the RGB color mixing: the colors mixed get white. When the light is refracted, the shadow of the complementary color is presented.

V.I.P. device in Uppsala, Sweden

Alexander Stratimilovich (Aleksandra Stratimirovic), said: "V.l.P. makes people feel like a star more and more people on the stage, the more the color and the shadow of the hierarchy will be revealed. This is where the dynamics of the lighting device are followed by those who are actively involved. Snow, rain, fog, and falling leaves can produce beautiful results under the light.

In winter, the effect of this device can be expressed by snow. In spring, when the snow melts, it will draw a large white circle on the asphalt surface.


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